Coppertop Jars

Top Shelf Craft Cannabis

If there are two things we love at Ponderosa Releaf, it’s top shelf craft cannabis and our great state of Arizona. As a result, we thought it would be fitting to distinguish our in-house marijuana flower from other dispensaries’/vendors’ flower by storing, displaying and dispensing it in hermetic glass jars with distinct copper lids.

The name “Coppertops” quickly stuck as patients from across the valley continued to pour into Ponderosa Releaf asking for the flower in the jars with the “copper tops”. 

Locally Grown Flower

Coppertop flower is exclusively grown by Boutique Cultivation AZ and can only be found at our Phoenix dispensary. We’ve been partnered with their team since 2017 and have been utilizing the distinctive copper lids ever since. The flower is grown utilizing a hydroponic medium called rockwool.

Rockwool is essentially spun lava rock, which is then cooled and formed into the cubes, blocks, or slabs that become the cultivation medium for a wide variety of plants. In addition to facilitating precise and regimented fertigation schedules, rockwool also promotes both optimal moisture levels and prime aeration in/of the plant’s root zone, making it a superior substrate for cannabis cultivators everywhere.

The versatility of rockwool allows Boutique Cultivation AZ to custom tailor the fertigation schedule of each individual strain, providing the ideal parameters needed to maximize the genetic potential of each and every Coppertop cultivar dispensed at Ponderosa Releaf.  

After the flower is harvested, it is never rushed through the dry/cure process, but instead is always patiently and properly dried, cured, and manicured by an incredibly talented harvest and trim team. After the flower is trimmed, it never leaves the glass jar that it will continue curing in while it is transported and stored. It is then relocated to the Coppertop jars famously displayed on our dispensary’s shelves. 

Best Medical Cannabis in Arizona

We are proud to confidently say that our Coppertop flower is the best medical-grade cannabis available to patients in the state of Arizona. Starting with the most exclusive and sought-after genetics is certainly the first step in cultivating top-shelf craft cannabis.

Following that, it’s the tremendous love and care that is given to each and every plant throughout the entirety of their lifecycle (and beyond) that truly makes Ponderosa Releaf’s Coppertops an exceptionally special product and experience for cannabis enthusiasts in the great Copper State. 



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